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Ceragem master V3

Automatic Thermal Massager

CERAGEM V3 is a therapeutic acupressure massage bed which combines Chiropractic based massage, far-infrared heat, jade, and acupressure effects.

The thermal massage bed helps to relieve back pain, re-align spine, alleviate stress, tension and anxiety, relaxes muscles, sleep deeper, improves circulation, and enhances body's natural healing power.

CERAGEM V3 is classified as a multi-purpose physical therapy table according to FDA. CERAGEM is currently operating in over 70 countries, helping millions of people worldwide.

The company CERAGEM has been around since 1998 and V3 use the latest state-of-the-art technology. Millions of people all over the world regularly use and benefit from CERAGEM. The safety and efficiency of the CERAGEM V3 have been recognized by FDA as a class II medical device.
CERAGEM MASTER V3Ceratonic Mattress
Single Size (Ceramix S1)
Mattress for Comfortable and Deep Sleep with Far-Infrared Heat

* Built in 150,000 micro ceramic balls and 48 round CERATONICS
* Far-infrared heat to promote blood circulation and deeper sleep
* Anti-electromagnetic field system
* Ceramic balls and hexagonal ceramic is made from greenstone, red clay, serpentine jade and others
* Nature friendly with the use of cotton mixed Jacquard fabric for comfort
* Fire protection system with automatic "off" function after 8 hours
* Easy convenient controller
* Stain repellent coated
* Luxurious design
* FIR treatment while you sleep
Portable Ceratonic Mat for Convenience to use Anytime, Anywhere

* Built in 60,000 micro ceramic balls and 12 ceramic round CERATONICS
* Same benefits as CERAMAT Mattress with convenience
* Use on the sofa to sit on
* Covers body while using CERAGEM V3 for more FIR heat
* Far-infrared heat on-the-go
Portable Pad
(Ceramix M1)

*  Soft kneading massage with special infrared heating lamp rollers

*  Relieves muscle tension in the neck and shoulder.

*  Provides a customized massage with adjustable speeds.

*  Ergonomic design and simple operation with a one-touch button
HEALAX iShoulder